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The Orion Confederation Questions and Answers Page Heaps of questions and answers about the Orion Confederation and the UFO entities and the space people.
You won't find anything here about green women but you will find answers to important questions such as:

Is Orion really the home of evil spacemen who are planning to take over the Earth?
Are forces from Epsilon already here in the form of poltergeists?
Are flying saucers interplanetary spacecraft?
Is there any recorded intelligence behind UFO activities?
The UFO entities warn of two things coming soon. What are they?
The main cause of heart attacks according to the UFO entities?
The most profound thought the human race now possesses?
Was John Keel a member of the Orion Confederation?
Is Evolution the biological process throughout the universe?
What about the Paul movie? Why is it anti-religion and pro-Evolution?

and much more...

Are the women from Orion green and cause a lot of trouble?
This is mythological stuff from the Star Trek TV series and movies.
It has nothing to do with us.

At present time there is a small group of people on Earth working for Orion. ...
They have their own Council and the Orion Confederation; ... OTOF, pp. 514, 515.

Who are we? This is our general information page about The Orion Confederation and who we are.

What about the Orion Pirates and traders?
Same answer as for the green women. This is part of the Star Trek TV series mythological universe.
But there is an interesting thought here.
The writers of the TV series have obviously painted the group from Orion in a pretty bad light. No doubt following the lead of the UFO entities who give the Orion Confederation really bad press.
Perhaps they just read something bad and decided this could make for some interesting story lines.
It does, but it is not the truth.
See our Questions and Answers page for more information.

The Orion Syndicate
Same answer as for the green women. And the Orion Pirates and traders.
The Orion Syndicate is part of the Star Trek TV series mythological universe.
It has nothing to do with the real Orion Confederation.

UFO entities' Elder Brother
The Saucers constitute the "Host" which is the forerunner of the promised "Second Coming" of the Elder Brother. George Hunt Williamson, Other Tongues—Other Flesh, p.484.

Very few ministers are telling their congregations that the Saucers may have a connection with the "signs in the skies" that the prophets of old spoke of. Some theologians, however, believe that the coming of the Saucers heralds the coming of the Elder Brother himself. OTOF, p.432.

see our Questions and Answers page for more information.

OTOF: George Hunt Williamson, Other Tongues—Other Flesh, 1953, Amherst Press: Amherst, Wisconsin.
This book appears to be available in various formats: pdf, epub and directly on the web. There may be others. And they all appear to have different pagination. The pagination given here is for the epub version and is approximate.

Who was John Keel?

Who was George Hunt Williamson?

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